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Bone Trauma Reduction Technology

Trauma to bone must be MINIMUM in order to preserve OSTEOBLASTS (The bone cells that would attache themselves to the implant). Ordinarily these surgeries are done using an surgical dental drill for cuts in the bone. WE have gone above and beyond and invested in Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Machines that use sound waves and spray copious amounts of water to cool the bone to preserve its vitality and enhance the healing results and decrease post operative pain.

Bone Stability Measurement

Initial Stability is key to success, we test every implant we place electronically with a special digital reader that send waves along the implant body and the echo measured transformed into a digital number gives us a very accurate idea of how much initial stability is achieved. Four readings are done per implant after placement and four readings are taken before loading the implant. This digital reader is called OSSTELL and we are proud to have it and put it in use for our patients.

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Bone Augmentation Technology

Augmenting bone is done by using a very advanced technique where we use patient’s own centrifuged (spun) blood and extracting Stem Cells or Concentrated Growth Factors to augment the defects in patient’s own jaw. This has the superb advantage of using patient’s own concentrated blood factors to create a very optimum medium for healing around the surgical site where white blood cells and non-differentiated cells are present to aid with fast healing, decreased post operative discomfort and superior bone quality for the implant. All this is done at the office at the time of surgery.

Dr. Michael’s Unrivalled Implant Training

Here at Grand Valley Dental Care we take a very natural approach to education and that is stagnant water goes bad. We are continually going to reputable courses and read daily and continuously about that which concerns our field. We are constantly updating procedures, protocols as soon as they prove their clinical validity. As a doctor I am very active in many dental communities and am careful to develop professionally and am a member of the top implant organizations with some decent ties to great mentors and professors.

  • ICOI member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Member of GDIA Global Dental Implant Academy
  • AGD Academy of General Dentistry
  • Masters and Fellowship from International Dental Implant Association

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