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Grand Rapids Reviews

Good Job!

My child’s review: They were very good and knew she was very scared when she saw all the tools. They helped her relax so she wasn’t so scared. She said the dentist told her she asked too many questions, and I told her that was because she had to stop talking so they could do her fillings. (She does normally talk non-stop!) Afterwards she said even though she was scared, they did a good job.

Julianne K.

Cared about child’s comfort

Lots of fillings to do for my child! Dentist and hygienist were very caring and listened to how she felt while doing the fillings. When she let them know that it still hurt, they gave her another shot. I have been to dentists where what they give you is all you get and don’t always listen to the child when they say it hurts. Appointment took longer than expected, but that was OK because her comfort was important. Hygienist took time afterwards to explain things and show her exactly how she needed to floss, which I really appreciated.

Maya K.

Professional, efficient, understanding!

Special needs child always has a great experience with the hygienist! No cavities this time which was amazing! She was very respectful of his needs. He had not been feeling well (was not contagious and over the worst of his illness), and she took that into consideration when she did his cleaning. I was afraid it was going to be a problem but it wasn’t. She let me know that he does a great job with his teeth which I was thrilled about considering he had recently gotten braces off that had been on for over 3 years. The staff is always very kind and accommodating. I know they are hesitant to make appointments for 4 kids at the same time (because of problems with no-shows and last minute cancellations), but they are very willing to accommodate us. I can get appointments when I need them. I love getting the email and text reminders as well as the phone calls. It’s a long ways for us to go to the dentist, but I really like the staff and the kids aren’t afraid of going anymore. So to me, it’s worth the drive.

Melanie W.

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Kalamazoo Reviews

Professional high quality dental care

Very professional. My hygienist Jenna got me in right on time and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the procedure she was going to do. The staff was very friendly best visit/appointment I have ever had!

Mitchell M.

Thorough and Thoughtful Care

I don’t know her name, but I really appreciate the hygienist who served my daughter today. She was thinking ahead about how to help us maximize our insurance benefits and even remembered to wish us Merry Christmas, in case she didn’t see us again before the holidays! Sometimes it’s the little things….

Kim V.


I really like how you take care of the boys with their teeth. You are very understanding and don’t talk down to the parents. We have been going there forthe last 4 years and I have no complaints at all.

Stephanie S.

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Jenison Reviews

Flexible and Affordable

I have been through a lot of dental procedures over the years. My experience has been several bridges and bone replacement surgeries. Grand Valley Dental has been the most professional and proficient experience I have had. We created a plan and there was no delay. There were no extra appointments. I was explained the pros and cons to my procedure and I decided to proceed. Just when I thought implants were impossible, Grand Valley made it possible. They were very comforting and in tune to my needs. The plan went exactly as described. From the first stud placement to the crowns was 5 months. I am very pleased with the results. The color and cosmetic of my implants a very impressive. I never thought my teeth would look as good as they do. I am very happy to smile again. They look very natural and symmetrical. My teeth also function like my real teeth. Biting and chewing is restored! Thank you Grand Valley Dental for a blessed experience. I would recommend to any one. To top it all off, the cost was less than half of my regular dentist. They worked with my budget. I would never have been able to afford my new smile without Grand Valley Dental. Thank you for my new confidence.

Scott K.

Great experience!!!

Staff was very kid-friendly! Kept the parents in the loop as to what was being done(x-rays, cleaning, results, etc). We really enjoy receiving a text and/or email as confirmation of the dental appointments instead of a phone call. Love this office and the staff there!!! Great job!!!

Jayme G.

Caring, compassionate and reasonable

A dental office that bends over backwards to fix the problem, charges very reasonable fees, and helps you make payments. I was facing two dental implants that another dentist was going to charge me $8000. Grand Valley Dental didn’t come near that and helped me pay it off in monthly payments. Friendly, caring staff! Email reminder notices of my appointments. Thorough work in everything they do.

Annie V.

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