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If you have a difficult time following through with your dental appointments because you have fear or anxiety about going to the dentist, talk to Dr. Carmy Michael about sedation dentistry in Jenison, MI. As your sedation dentist, Dr. Michael may recommend IV sedation, nitrous oxide, or oral sedation as part of your treatment plan. We can make your dental visits relaxed and comfortable with sedation dentistry services.

Sedation Dentistry Options

IV Sedation

Intravenous Conscious Sedation (IV sedation) can help patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety. We administer drugs intravenously and monitor you throughout the procedure. Though you will be awake and able to respond to our instructions, you will not remember much from your visit. IV sedation is well-suited for patients who are undergoing more complex procedures, multiple procedures in one visit, or simply have a difficult time relaxing through other methods.

Nitrous Oxide

This is one of the most popular forms of sedation used in dental practices today. The process involves inhaling a colorless and odorless gas, which helps you feel relaxed and may even create a state of euphoria. You will return to normal when the gas is stopped and can drive yourself home after your visit.

Oral Sedation

Patients with mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety can benefit from oral sedation. This involves taking a sedative pill that helps you feel very calm and relaxed before and during your procedure. You will need someone to drive you home after your visit, as you will still be fairly drowsy and relaxed.

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